Senior Portrait Experience

This is a milestone moment for you and your child. Your High School Senior deserves to celebrate their accomplishments, explore different sides of their personality, express their passion and to capture who they are as they graduate into adulthood. Senior portraits are fun to look back and wax nostalgic later in their lives.

We provide a unique experience exclusive to Lisa Craig Photography. We focus on service and attention to detail, while creating an environment that is collaborative, enjoyable and comfortable.

Add-on Products


The Many Faces of You Collage

Embrace your high school senior year with the youMoji®, a personalized emoji collage that showcases your many expressions. This custom artwork captures your personality. Each carefully selected image reflects a unique facet of your journey, celebrating the milestones, triumphs, and growth you’ve experienced. Display the youMoji® proudly as a testament to the unique person you’ve become, a cherished reminder of the remarkable high school years that shaped you into who you are today.