Sports | Team Photography

At Lisa Craig Photography, we redefine the art of capturing your team spirit! Tired of the same cookie-cutter sports photos? Look no further. I specialize in creating unique, memorable images that go beyond the ordinary. Whether it's an intimate studio session for a senior banner or an exhilarating outdoor shoot for your entire team, my goal is to showcase the individual, and/or the team, turning your important interests into timeless memories.

For just $75 per person, regardless of the group size, you'll receive a personalized experience and your choice of one finished image. Additional images are available for purchase, or made into Senior Banners, put on shirts, hats, created as custom wall art. We incorporate school logos, school name, and special effects in our studio sessions, with a special finish of the student name. For Team photos, coaches that attend the team session are complimentary.  

Contact me to book a session, and experience my flexible scheduling, professional customer service and ensuring a swift turnaround for your printed banners. I understand the urgency of getting team photos and banners completed on time. I’ll orchestrate a session promptly and make the process seamless for you. Let's capture your team's journey together.