When was the last time you had a professional headshot? How do you feel about your current headshot.

Your headshot is a representative of YOU, your professionalism, and your organization or business. You need headshots for a compelling LinkedIn profile, for your website, your personal brand and your organization’s brand. If there are others on the team, your headshot needs to be consistent in style, coloring, and tone.

A headshot provides a first impression. It is your first opportunity to build rapport and connection. This is also the perfect opportunity to show a bit of your unique personality.

Headshots are the most important of all professional photos and a selfie or a cell phone picture snapped by a friend or colleague is likely not going to evoke the response you’re looking for or the income you’d like to make. So, invest in a headshot that allows you to be yourself. You can still be professional without looking too casual or stuffy.